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Electrical Cables [2010-05-21]

Electric  Cables are used for transmitting electricity, combined two or more wires together through twisting or braiding consists the Electric  Cables. When Current passes through the electrical cables they warm to cables and produced heat. When standard PVC –insulated cables manufactured it run at temperatures up to 75 degree Celsius.Here some types of cables are defined as under below as their purpose and its use:

1,Coaxial cable:Coaxial Cable used in radio frequency transmission. Their main applications apply where transmitter, receivers, and antennas are utilized.

Use: Carry the current load without over heating.

2, Fibre Optic cables:Fibre Optic Cables used for digital signal it´s used for transmit light pulses instead of electronic pulses information. It has the capability transfer multiple data in one time and carry signals from different network.The selection of  electric Cables  must be according to PVC means Power, voltage, and Current.

Use:Cable provides sufficient sound Earthing.