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Industrial Electric Cable Assembly [2011-02-17]

Many different industries require electrical cable assembly to wire up their electrical devices and be protected from the environment in which they work.

This is common in telecommunications, marine, military and medical industries, and also industrial, where many machines are working under high pressure and high vibrations for a long period of time.

What is Industrial Electric Cable Assembly?

Cable assembly is the connecting of a certain wire or number of wire types in the device in which they are required, usually bound together by clamps or electrical tape.

It is advantageous to clamp the wires in this way in an industrial setting as there are usually many other wires and cables in the types of machines used, so by binding them they take up less room and are less likely to cause an electrical fire.

Types of Electric Cable Assemblies

There are many different cabling and wiring products that require professional cable assembly expertise – these can include a box build (the whole wiring set-up of every part of the machine) to more specific cabling needs such as:

Point to Point Crimp, Point to Point Solder, Multicore Assembly, IDC Flat Ribbon, Discrete Wire Crimp and many more.

Manufacturers of Cable and Wires

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd is a UK specialist manufacturer and distributer of industrial electrical cable assembly UK and other wiring products.

They can build to order RF coaxial cable assembly, wiring harness, cable loom, sub-assembly and other types of cabling products.

With more than 30 years experience of designing and manufacturing industrial electrical cable assembly, Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd can produce whatever your machine requires.