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Telephone Wire [2010-11-29]

Let us have more understanding on the basic information of copper cable first. This is the older type of cable that has been used for over a hundred years in some different systems. You will find this cable traditionally used as telephone wire, speaker system wire, as well as computer wire.

Telephone Wire

What about fiber optic one? This latest technology contains some strands of plastic or glass to transmit information.

Besides, it also transmits the data in form of light instead of electricity. A little bit different from copper one, fiber optic could not transmit electricity. However, this kind of cable offers higher theoretical performance.
While the other type consists of plastic or glass strands, copper cables contain a single thread of copper. The size will be quite different based on the purpose of the cable. It could be in thin or small size, but you can also find some types that come in large size as thick as your arm. Those are sometimes protected with a covering of another type of metal. The covering is usually called braiding.
Besides, those two types of cable also have different resistance against interface. Copper cable usually is quite weak to some kinds of signal interface, such as those from cell phones or microwaves. Therefore, you should not operate or use any device that might trigger interface. However, you will not find this certain problem when you are using fiber optic cable.