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Learn How to Fix Network Cable Yourself [2010-05-11]

Most people who use their laptop will use the Wi-Fi network adapter that was built in to the laptop. The problem is that this way is not always the way you will need to use. You may find a situation that will not allow you to use the Wi-Fi network adapter that is built into the laptop. In these cases you will have to use the local area connection network cable. Most people know this cord as the Ethernet cord. The one error message that many people remember when they thing of this cord is the one that says, "...local area network cable unplugged."

Most people can fix a local area network cable problem easily by securing the cords themselves and making sure they are actually plugged in to the Ethernet socket. There is some times where the Network cable unplugged error can't be fixed by simply making sure the Ethernet cord is in the proper sockets. Those are the times where you will have to do a little more work to fix the local area network cable. If the PC is telling you that the network cable is unplugged and you know that it is then the problem is usually a broken local area network card or a bad driver.

If the local area network card is broken then you are out of luck. You will have to get a replacement for the Ethernet card. If you are using a laptop then you will probably have to setting with a USB to Ethernet device since there will be no where to install a new Ethernet card. It may be a little inconvenient but it will fix the problem of having a network cable unplugged.

If the problem is the driver then you can either find a new one or try to roll back to an older driver to fix the problem of having a network cable unplugged. The first one should try is to roll back the drive.