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New technical application of 3 electric cable accessory products [2010-11-09]

It is easy to find out from the product classification of the above-mentioned electric cable accessory, prefabrication and temperature shrinkage technology required in reducible field installation have already occupied the important position in the development of electric cable accessory.

The conductor connects the basic fundamental connected to the conductor to require: The conductor is connected well: As to the terminal station, the conductive core of conductor of the cable, with connecting well while producing wire rod, terminal; As to the union fitting, the cable conductor should be connected with the connector tubes well. Namely require the contact resistance of the connecting point to be small and steady. With comparing with the resistance of the sectional wire, the ratio of the new clothes should not be greater than 1 with the length.

Insulating material EPDM and silastic material are used widely in the prefabricated electric cable accessory, in the field of high-pressure electric cable accessory, comparatively speaking, can be divided into the European structure and Japanese structure taking EPDM as substrate taking silicon rubber as substrate. In the field of medium voltage, have better mechanical strength than the silastic like product and resist the tearing characteristic through improved EPDM electric cable accessory.

Expand the scene and expand a installation way that technology is the electric cable accessory products of temperature shrinkage too in advance in advance at the scene, namely in several hours before installation, use is simple and easy can abandon tools and connect and pay expanding in advance in shrinking on the scene. It has prevented the regular temperature shrinkage products from losing because of some characteristics in the course of transporting and storing for a long time, thus offer more invariable and more lasting and more reliable radial pressure. Especially suitable to regard as the systematic replacement part.

In a word, for help field installation and guarantee installation quality, reduce until on-the-spot installation personnel lateral to require while being too high in technology. Prefabricate, melt, succinct to take, become the intersection of electric cable accessory and the intersection of technology and main developing direction in the future, can carry on products produce the intersection of factory and temperature shrinkage of test, prefabricate the electric cable accessory and become the Living mainstream before not dispatching from the factory, thus it is safe and reliable to go still one step further to guarantee electric power system operation, its techno-economic best association of concurrent implementation.