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Nexans launches NEWSENSE range of cable tv set options at MEDTEC Europe 2012 [2012-03-14]

New whole verify provides state-of-the-art customized choices for health care imaging and invasive applications.

Paris, March 13, 2012 – Nexans, a throughout the planet skilled through the cable tv set business, is launching its NEWSENSE whole verify of health care micro and composite energy and knowledge wires at MEDTEC Europe. the fresh whole verify provides jointly Nexans’ properly founded wires for health care imaging and invasive functions at intervals of the one coherent broad vary of customized choices created to permit OEMs to construct way more comfort and intelligence into their investigative, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

The NEWSENSE wires for health care imaging applications, as an example radiography, MRI, individual pc tomography and nuclear cameras/scanners, consists of versatile composite wires incorporating varied solutions, from micro-coax to some complete founded of plastic material fiber-optic cables, twisted pairs and tubes.

For invasive applications, as an example diagnostic cardiac catheters, sensors and pacemakers, NEWSENSE wires offer huge sturdiness when subjected to mechanised hundreds as an example tension, torsion and bending.

‘Nexans has created the NEWSENSE broad vary to supply cost-effective cable tv set choices that permit OEMs to satisfy the toughest safety and reliability wants of health care applications, during which failure isn't an option’, mentioned Guillaume Eymery of Nexans health care cable tv set division. NEWSENSE combines an intensive knowhow with one in every of the foremost demanding OEM marketplaces (such as aerospace) obtaining a extended phrase know-how through the health care business to form effective choices that offer glorious organization throughout the entire price chain.’

NEWSENSE cable tv set choices for health care imaging
NEWSENSE imaging wires offer a broad big selection of microcable and composite cable tv set choices with complete biocompatibility, easy sterilization and flexibility for various merchandise employed in obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, dentistry, endoscopy on high of that to the veterinary sciences. they supply huge info potential and multi-constructions in miniaturized format, with Electro Magnetic shielding for risk-free clinical operation and surgery, and comply fully with EU jointly with alternative intercontinental directives.

Nexans areas a main stress on layout ability for its NEWSENSE imaging cables. This consists of the flexibility to purpose in close to cooperation with OEMs regarding the fast-track analysis and advancement and prototyping of customized cost-effective choices for specific applications. Nexans conjointly has the in-house services to seem at electrical performance, bending, versatility jointly with alternative very important health care parameters

NEWSENSE cable tv set choices for invasive applications
NEWSENSE wires occur to be created to supply the state-of-the-art for invasive functions and carries with it miniaturized mono and multi-wire constructions. They attribute biocompatible, antimicrobial merchandise for client safety on high of that to providing aesthetic adaptability for optimum client comfort.

Catheters attribute varied forms of conductors – gauges AWG twenty eight to forty eight – with as a great deal as fourteen conductors laid up in pairs. scaled-down cross-section wires may be created to game specific client necessities. Pacemaker wires attribute cable tv set or coaxial cable, AWG twenty eight to thirty four, obtaining a stainless metal conductor.

To ensure prime quality and conformity using the strictest standards for its NEWSENSE invasive cables, Nexans operates a separate contamination-free production system that utilizes dedicated micro-equipment to extrude screened and insulated wires with extremely little diameters.

Invasive wires are tried extensively based mostly on client specifications. assessments meted out include: electrical performance, bending and flexibility (to game individual movement), salt-water assessments to simulate habits in blood vessels environments, neutrality and biocompatibility, ability to support severe temperatures and shock through transportation and safe-keeping and insulation resistance to specific chemicals.