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Oki Electric Cable announced the launch of OS-UZ wire, galvanized wire for Wire-EDM (* 1). Sale and [2012-01-31]

Having a unique four-layer structure for high-cutting speed and smooth cut surface, the modern OS-UZ Wire got its start to satisfy the needs of the metal parts industries and die & mold industries. OS-UZ Wire will improve manufacturing productivity, reduce wire consumption, and cut computer operation costs.

Conventionally, heat diffusion wires(*2) are widely-used to improve cutting speed of Wire-type EDM. However, the complex structure of warmth diffusion wires brings about more costly than brass wires. To treat this cost issue, Oki Electric Cable uses a brass core covered with a zinc-rich brass layer, this agreement it applies a zinc layer along with a thin special coating layer, forming a four-layer structure. This original structure and innovative manufacturing methods allow Oki Electric Cable to own OS-UZ Wire at prices under that surrounding conventional heat diffusion wires.

OS-UZ Wire improves rough-cut speed by around 30% over conventional brass wires. Concurrently, it provides improved positioning accuracy(*3) and smooth cut surface of training-pieces. The special coating helps force away corrosion and improves its shelf-life, while a progressive newly-developed wire drawing technique results in less metal powder adhesion problem(*4) when compared with conventional brass wires.

We are excited with the development of OS-UZ Wire, this new wire allows the user not just to improve productivity, but to reduce wire consumption, said Takashi Hattori, President of Oki Electric Cable. The faster processing achieved with all the OS-UZ Wire also cuts EDM operation costs, including electricity, operation time dependent consumables and material cost.
Oki Electric Cable offers market the OS-UZ Wire from April 2010 primarily in the united states, where demand for high-speed metal parts processing is high, as well as in China, the place that the die & mold industry, by which cost-cutting is necessary, is rapidly expanding. In October 2010, this company will introduce the OS-UZ Wire to markets around the globe. The shipping target for fiscal 2010 is 150 tons. The organization eventually plans to raise the volume to 500 tons / year .

Oki Electric Cable continues to produce and provide high-value-added wire for EDM to fulfill the advantages of higher productivity and shorter delivery periods of customers within the metal parts industries and die & mold industries.