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Starkey Hearing Technologies' Wireless Custom Products Available these days [2012-02-07]

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Starkey Hearing Technologies, a global leader in hearing technology, is worked up to announce that 3 custom wireless designs – completely-in-canal (CIC), in-the-canal (ITC) and in-the-ear (ITE) were recently shown its wireless family. The additions complement the wireless receiver-in-canal (RIC) thirteen and RIC 312, providing a customized expertise and another-of-a-kind resolution for each single patient. The revolutionary designs may be purchased within the Wi Series® product family below the Starkey label, and conjointly the wireless families for Starkey Hearing Technologies’ different brands together with Audibel®, AudioSync™, NuEar™ and MicroTech™.

Starkey Hearing Technologies’ proprietary Comfort work method permits smaller, softer custom wireless product. the numerous designs supply full wireless functionality, together with complete wireless media streaming and programming, Binaural Spatial Mapping and synchronized user controls. Additionally, the assistive hearing devices supply optimal volume management, a concept switch, directional Microphone Wire microphone when accessible, automatic phonephone response and telecoil.

The wireless family’s advanced options include:

    Binaural Spatial Mapping, Starkey Hearing Technologies’ proprietary system that intelligently optimizes SNR settings reckoning on estimates from each ears, whether or not or not it’s asymmetrical. It enhances the performance of the noise reduction and speech preservation system, that is designed to deliver most listening comfort and minimizes patient’s perception of disparity and switching.
    Frequency lowering technology, that replicates hard-to-hear, high-frequency sounds in lower frequencies. It very is intended to reinforce and expand audibility.
    Swap Fit, a fitting operate that permits an experienced to transfer patient settings from her or his current Starkey Hearing Technologies product to your new Starkey Hearing Technologies product.
    Starkey Hearing Technologies’ leading noise reduction and speech preservation strategy is supposed to take care of speech understanding in noisy environments and lower listening effort.*
    Feedback system, that nearly eliminates the annoying whistling and buzzing, or feedback, generally associated with assistive hearing aids.
    Directional system, that reinforces our noise management system by pinpointing sounds folks wish to listen to and minimizing those they don’t.
    Hear Clear™ with HydraShield®2, Starkey Hearing Technologies’ proprietary moisture protection system, creating its hearing assistive devices proofed against water, wax, oil and corrosion.
    Self Learning, that gradually and automatically learns patient volume management preferences for fewer manual changes.
    Ear-to-ear wireless communication, coordinating communication between assistive hearing aid devices, eliminating the requirement to manually alter each devices.

Starkey Hearing Technologies’ wireless product family is made to reinforce Radio and television listening. It functions whereas using the SurfLink® Media streamer, a pair-and-forget wireless transmitter. there's no manual pairing concerned. It automatically streams sound right now to wireless assistive hearing aids once they are in vary, and wearers will transition derived from one in every of device fully to a different just by moving from space to space. Finally, others within the area will tune in to it or stereo within the volume they like.