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Something About Coaxial Rg6 Cable [2010-08-04]

From 1940 to now, cable television has grown a few thousands of subscribers nationwide to millions of people. This situation has necessitated the improvement of cable systems to offer a better and clearer.The most common type of coaxial cables used in industry today is coaxial rg6 cable .
The cable industry is based on a coaxial cable to carry signals in their systems. The coaxial cable is more than two drivers who share a common axis. The inner conductor (sometimes known as the stinger) is a solid copper wire, while the outer conductor is a braided shield that is either in a mesh pattern or a layer of aluminum foil.

Specification RG
Different types of coaxial cable are identified by the prefix RG and then a number. The RG is a designation meaning obsolete military radio guide. In modern application, RG-6, simply correlates with a 75 ohm cable impedance.

RG-6 standard
RG-6 coaxial cable is a 75 ohm cable with a bare copper wire inside. The outer conductor is usually made of aluminum polyester tape and copper braid tin. He has a 6.99 mm diameter and the outer shell is made of PVC.