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Telephone Evolution [2010-07-05]

Alexander Graham Bell most likely do not know he had discovered what would eventually change the world. The technology for the phones has led to more discoveries in the field of telecommunications to keep people in touch and connected around the world. 

Early Days 

On March 10, 1876 Alexander Graham Bell transmits the first speech using electricity. From that day forward, the phone system changed all aspects of life. Although not immediately change the world, established communication in a way that would change the future of communication. 

In the late 1870s, Bell had his public phone on the road in an attempt to raise awareness and public finance for the project. Mr. Bell presented the telephone as a broadcasting system.Many more changes occurred in the following years and AT & T in 1885 joined rent phones for home and office, but maintained ownership of the technology. 

Turning Century 

Bell's patent ran out to the turn of the century, and approximately 6,000 independent telephone companies opened their doors. These independent companies could only connect locally, AT & T refused to allow liaison with the national system. Instead, he waited for the small to go bankrupt and then bought them. 

Digital transmission, while not new, not included in the phone game in a big way until the 1980s. The use of fiber optic cables, digital transmission of up to 125,000 times faster than copper wire. Copper telephone wires are still in use in many areas due to the high costs involved in the fiber optic cable to every home, although many areas have replaced the lines with fiber optic cable. 

Beyond Phones

Cell phones appeared in early 1980 and today there are millions in use. cellular phone networks use the normal phone system connected to a central computer-controlled transmission towers to transmit messages. At first, there were few transmission towers and mobile phones were bulky and had to be used near the towers to take a clear transmission. 

In a few years, the phones became small enough to fit in the palm of one hand and the towers were located almost everywhere.The modern telephone system has come a long way.The evolution of the telephone system has changed the way we socialize, do business, and even live our lives day by day.