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Censorship in China: V2EX's Network Cable was "Unplugged" [2010-04-30]

Livid's V2EX is a great Internet application. 3000+ genius Internet developers gathered there to discuss topics related to programming, Internet, and other geek topics.

At 4:00 PM, Jan 11, 2007, the network cable of the server was unplugged by the Internet hosting company. It is according to "supervisor's order".

This is not the first case. It is too common in the current Internet world that no one even got surprised. This is how the censorship works. "Unplug" seems not so technical, but it is very effective. Great Firewall works for the servers outside China, and "unplug" is the first (and most basic) step to do with servers in China.

A footnote to this event is, was raided by people who claim to fine the company because they don't have a so-called "License for transmitting Video/Audio Programs on Information Network". At the same time, the new Google Blogger Customer Domain was blocked by the Great Firewall. So this is the land I called it "homeland" so this is the way they treat me, I'm always being constructive, I'm always being creative, I'm smart and I'm nice to everyone, I used to make wealth and knowledge for this land, but this land just cannot allow me to be a nice, good man, so, what else can I do? - Livid

This is the real reflection of the current China in the beginning of year 2007.