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Nanhai District Rui cable project to pre-production phase [2011-12-06]

Reporters recently learned from the South China Sea Area: The total investment 206 million yuan of Rui Electric Cableproject is progressing well, four leading automatic Electric Cable production equipment to pre-production stage.

Rui Electric Cable project is located in Harbor Industrial Zone, Nanhai District, mainly engaged in Electric Cable production, project construction in two phases, an investment of 150 million yuan. New on four fully automated production line through computerized automation of process control, not only to maintain the stability of product quality, but also for companies to save manpower and increase productivity.

Shuang Rui Electric Cable Co., Ltd. director told reporters that they currently four production lines in the most advanced, the original three individuals responsible for a common line, but now three individuals can be responsible for two production lines, which greatly improved our production efficiency, the production of 50 meters per minute, up to now can reach 180 meters.

In the course of project construction, the South China Sea Area Management Committee arranged for staff stationed on site to keep abreast of project progress, to help coordinate and solve problems encountered in the construction process to ensure the smooth operation of the project. Person in charge of the company, Weihai Jinrui Electric Cable Co., Ltd. plans to introduce next year copper production equipment and production line of self-produce PVC copper wire and insulating materials, are all put into the project can achieve annual output value of 300 million yuan.