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Guangdong New aluminum instead of copper Electric Cable manufacturer [2012-01-04]

To invest 2.2 billion yuan, annual turnover of 10 billion yuan is expected to Guangdong Electric Cable Co., Ltd. Xin Yi aluminum construction, 27 in Guangdong Qingyuan start of the project. The company chairman Lin Zemin said that the Electric Cable has been hailed as the national economy, "vascular" and "nervous", China's annual output has exceeded one trillion Electric Cables, electrical appliances manufacturer to become second only to the second largest automobile manufacturing manufacturer . Currently 97% of China's Electric Cable is copper Electric Cable, a Electric Cable only accounting for about 50% of the amount of copper, but China's copper resources increasingly scarce, foreign dependence up to 60%. In the case of a serious lack of copper resources, the Electric Cable manufacturer "of aluminum and copper," amounts to a material revolution. According to Lin Zemin introduced, welcomed the Yi Electric Cable Co., Ltd. based in Hefei, Anhui, is the world's four professional Electric Cable manufacturer only Chinese-funded enterprises. The company developed the "rare-earth iron aluminum power Electric Cable" cost-effective than other products more competitive abroad, and have American UL, Australia SAIGLOBAL, Canada and other international authority CUL qualification, for six consecutive years, exports have been 23 African American, enter the domestic market in 2010 and successfully applied to more than 800 engineering projects. It is reported that the company plans to complete the project before the end of 2014 the overall planning and construction, and through investment in new, re-acquisition, OEM processing, to develop headquarters economy, thus creating in the region of rare earth new materials and high-end aluminum manufacturer cluster.