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State rests case in Calhoun trial [2012-02-27]

BONIFAY — Blood and DNA matching slaying victim Mia Brown were recovered from many things gift in Johnny Mack Skeeto Calhoun’s trailer once her death, a state investigator testified Friday over the third day's Calhoun’s murder trial.

State prosecutors rested their case by the tip through the day. The trial continues Monday, if the defense can begin calling witnesses.

A lot of Friday’s testimony was a close recounting by crime scene analysts and investigators concerning proof recovered throughout the investigation within the December 2010 slaying. Calhoun is arrested for first-degree murder and kidnapping. The 24-year-old Brown went missing once she left act on Charlie’s Store in Esto on Dec. 16, 2010. Her body was discovered from the trunk of her burned Toyota Avalon, that was abandoned among the woods of Geneva County, Ala.

Trevor Seifret, a Florida Department of Police force crime scene investigator, testified Friday that DNA matching Brown and Calhoun was discovered over a roll of Duct tape recovered from Calhoun’s trailer within the investigation. Also, blood from each Brown and Calhoun was found employing a white quilt recovered at Calhoun’s trailer, he was quoted saying.

Seifret confirmed that tests showed hairs obtainable on many articles of clothing at Calhoun’s trailer belonged to Brown.

Harry Hamilton with the Holmes County Sheriff’s workplace testified with regard to the day he found Calhoun at his trailer, ending the explore for him once Brown disappeared. He explained he'd came across Calhoun’s trailer and learned that proof tape officers had placed there had been broken. He then went in and located Calhoun hiding in his bed frame.

Hamilton described Calhoun as having scratches on his hands, legs and neck. He explained he took many photos of Calhoun’s injuries.

During questioning from defense lawyer Kim Dowgul, Hamilton confirmed Calhoun was carrying long trousers when he was discovered.

Law enforcement officer Michael Raley testified that among an enquiry of Calhoun’s trailer, a coaxial cable was missing from a tv. Raley identified there was a converter box and for the setup to figure there would need to be another coaxial cable, however none of them was found among the trailer. Earlier over the trial, testimony disclosed that Brown was sure employing a coax cable when she was killed.

Raley confirmed that whenever Calhoun’s arrest, the suspect was asked if he previously been through the shop have to be compelled to Brown for simply a ride the day she disappeared; Calhoun confirmed he. Raley said Calhoun had stated that Brown had never held it's place in his trailer. Raley conjointly verified that Calhoun told him he was hiding from police force officers whereas they hunted for Brown and Calhoun.

During Dowgul’s questioning, Raley confirmed the key reason why Calhoun gave for eluding police was as a result of Calhoun said he’s had “no luck with cops.”

Dowgul had Raley establish the converter box and asked hopefully was what form of cords were assembled  before Dec. 16.

“Did you recognize that each the tools was gift before this incident occurred or are these claims simply speculation by you?” Dowgul asked. “How can we remember that’s the means was fix before this incident? That’s simply speculation from you ways the coax was ever even there.”

Following Raley’s testimony, there looked as if it would be a lot of deliberation between decide Christopher Patterson and therefore the attorneys. Prosecutors then announced their state was resting its case.