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Bowers & Wilkins Announces New Mini Theater Systems [2012-02-20]

Bowers & Wilkins' M1, one's heart on the company's Mini Theater packages, may be one of the leading accounts of success for the company. But Bowers & Wilkins believes that the company always actively seeks strategies to improve its products current brand new M1 ultra compact loudspeaker, performance continues to be enhanced.

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The M-1 loudspeaker can be a key component in 5.1 packages, acting as and also as all five speakers in a very surround established - a table-top stand lets the center speaker sit horizontally. However it is additionally a stereo solution, among the upgrades on the out-going M-1 is speaker's full-range performance.

To experience these improvements the M-1 have been completely redesigned internally, although only styling differences are visible externally. It features all new drive units, including an in-house designed tweeter, plus a bass/mid-range driver that uses the modern Anti-Resonance Plug first seen about the PM1 loudspeaker.

The mechanics with the M-1 are actually updated, with improved speaker cable terminations plus a better quality link to the stands - a table-top stand and wall bracket are supplied within the box, while, a floor stand is available for optional extra.

The PV1D, the subwoofer, gets a dramatic update. Although it retains its acoustically principled "pressure vessel" structurally inert shape with opposed balanced drivers canceling cabinet resonance, the PV1D now moves towards digital platform developed with the flagship Bowers & Wilkins DB1 subwoofer and has a dynamic EQ circuit.  This supplies increased flexibility and performance enhancements that, as well as new drive units and amplification, cause dramatically improved output.  In reality, the PV1D features a +/-3db specification of 7.5Hz.

A brand new OLED display and touch button array provide easy access to a number of pre-sets and tuning options, while a custom version on the SubApp PC software provides tough one set-up options.

The 3rd aspect in the Mini Theatre series may be the ASW608 subwoofer. Even if this model continues to be the same acoustically, it is now available in exactly the same Matte White finish because M-1 loudspeakers.