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TDR cable tv Fault Locator Combines features of Megohmeter and ohmmeter [2012-03-09]

GAO Tek Inc is giving its TDR cable fault locator that utilizes pulse reflection and intelligent bridge technologies. It extremely is appropriate for field technicians to accurately find breaks, shorts, poor electrical insulation still as different faults of diverse phonephone cables, RF cables and coaxial cable.

This TDR cable fault locator, model A0080002, options absolutely automatic and manual testing functions, automatic balance and gain adjustment. The TDR cable fault locator has the functions of Megohmeter and ohmmeter.

Using pulse reflection testing ways, the cable fault locator offers a good full-automatic measurement choice of zero to eight km whereas giving the testing accuracy of only one m for measurement vary less than two km and eight m for measurement vary over two km. Furthermore , it provides a huge pulse width of sixty ns to ten μs still as a testing dead zone of zero m. whereas utilizing bridge testing methodology, it provides a negative insulation resistance of zero to thirty MΩ and a full testing period of 9999 m. additionally, this cable fault locator are going to be able to store 10 check waveforms and it's a giant LCD screen with backlight for clear show of results.

This tiny size cable fault locator belongs to GAO’s category of Telecom Line Testers. Another similar product with this line is little size cable fault locator containing been widely utilized in communication maintenance, project construction and integrated cabling.This line conjointly includes Compact Telecom Line Tester used for line maintenance and construction and Cable Fault Locator that utilizes advanced micro-electronics technology and it's engineered to accurately find fault points like breaks, shorts, grounding, defective insulation or poor contact in telecommunication cable. The testers inside this line are very employed by field engineers thanks to their testing accuracy, functionality, portability and affordability.